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SeeMePlayMe Tournament Schedule

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America's Army Special Forces
ARMA: Armed Assault
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat
Battlefield 1942 Vietnam: PoE
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty
Descent 3
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
Half-Life 2: Death Match
Half-Life: Counter Strike
Half-Life: Day of Defeat
Halo (PC)
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Academy
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Spearhead
Nascar Racing 2003 Season
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Postal 2: Share the Pain
Quake II
Quake III
Quake 4
Quake Wars Ranked
Rainbow Six 3: Ravenshield
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Team Fortress 2
Unreal II: Extended Multiplayer
Unreal Tournament 2003
Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

SeeMePlayMe Tournament Rules

Please note that each tournament may have special instructions or rules that are associated. Visit the tournament main page to see such instructions.

Each player must abide by the following rules during a tournament.:

Game Servers Tournament Procedures and Rules

Check-In begins at 7:00 CST.
At that time a room called Check-In will be made, all teams are to come in and state their team name and await the GURU to say that he has their team, the GURU will also ask who is the team captain for the team. Once the team has been acknowledged, they are to wait in the lobby for their room to come up.

Tournament mode is used on all SeeMePlayMe AAO matches; basically this means the game will keep track of players score, sudden death, and the winner.
Getting setup is simple.
Join the game like you would normally, joining the side that has your team name.
Next someone on your team must be the team captain.
The Team Captain's job is to select the placement on the games roster of the players as well as hit the ready button when everyone is set. It is highly suggested that a team captain be selected prior to the games launch.
After the ready has been called by both team captains, then the warm-up/setup will begin.
During the warm up you will have unlimited health, so you may do whatever you like during this round.
After the warm up has finished the game will commence, and you may start playing.
If the game ties then normally it will automatically go into sudden death, which means that you play another round.


1. Absolutely no cheating or hacking of any kind. Any cheating or use of hacks will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team. (Only grace will be if the other team allows your team to keep on playing and they don’t submit a formal complaint)


2. Never Insult or use personal attacks against another team or GURU, win with honor and lose with Dignity, Any complaints must be brought to the GURU's Attention. Any Complaints between two teams must ALSO be brought to GURU's attention and never to be discussed in public.
3. Teams will not be allowed to join the tournament with a player missing.
Once team is registered there will be no substitutes or alterations to the team after the first match.
4. Each team’s captain will be responsible for controlling their team mates. The tournament lobby is rated PG-13 and profanity, abuse to other teams, abuse to the GURU’s, or harassment will not be tolerated. If one of your team mates gets unruly and gets banned or booted from the lobby, that is your team’s loss and you will be down a player. Keep your team mates in line!
5. If for some reason a team member leaves during a match, the game must continue.
The player that left may reconnect anytime during the match, but if he does not come back during the match he may not rejoin the team for the next match.
6. Matches are out of 4, 6,8,10 live rounds depending on what the GURU decides.
Most matches will be played with six live rounds. If there is an alteration in the round amount for a room the GURU that is hosting will announce it before launch.
Occasionally tournaments will be held with different round amounts besides six, if this is the case it will be announced before Check-In.
7. Each tournament match is single or double elimination, and should thus be completed in at most 3/8 rounds. This applies unless unforeseen circumstances occur, thus preventing completion. For this reason all participants should make sure they can remain for the ENTIRE tournament to prevent forfeits.

The default is single elimination, if it is double it will be announced before the tournament begins.
8. All teams/players are responsible for having the game working and ready by the time of tournament. It is highly suggested that all players launch a test game through SeeMePlayMe to verify that their game is in working order. Tests include making sure your punk buster has been updated to the latest.

If you have just started out using SeeMePlayMe, it would also be highly advisable to verify that your Armyops.exe has been set in SeeMePlayMe.
To set the location of your game go to
Game -> Location
Then either click search a drive or hit browse and look for the file yourself.
9. After the match room has been created each team has five minutes to enter the room and have all players set to "Ready" status. By clicking the "Ready" button you agree that you have tested both your SeeMePlayMe software and your game and that both are in working order.
After everyone has selected ready the GURU will verify that everyone is ready in chat.
10. The team captain must never press the ready button in the game unless all team members are in the game on the correct side and ready.
If the team captain does click ready before all players are in the game and on the right side, he assumes all responsibility for the resulting action.
11. You may not change any of the team names that a GURU sets.
If a player is caught doing this, his team will be disqualified.
12. Maps are chosen by random by the GURU hosting the room.
Occasionally tournaments may use a single map for the whole tournament, if this is the case it will be announced before the tournament begins.
13. In the event of a tie, the Tournament mode will automatically go into sudden death, or it will add up all the points from the teams to determine a winner, depending on the settings.
If the Tournament mode does not work properly or it declares a tie, all teams must immediately page a GURU that they need a tie-breaker.
Tie-breakers will be fought on Mout McKenna, one round, no sudden death.
If the tie breaker ends due to players camping, and the Tournament Mode does not declare a winner, then the tie-breaker will be replayed until a winner is declared.
14. All matches must be reported to a GURU by the winning team.
15. Prizes are determined by the tournament prize structure.


16. At the end of each round players should always remember to take a screenshot of the game to use as proof and reference if there is a dispute. If you file a complaint against an opposing team and do not have a screenshot as proof, your complaint will not be accepted.
17. If there is a dispute of any kind during the game, all players of the disputing team must immediately leave the game and report to a GURU in order to issue a valid complaint. Complaints issued after the game is over will not be accepted.
18. Clan Leaders/ Captains are responsible for ensuring that ALL participants read these rules.
19. Player spectators are not allowed.
20. Any Changes to the tournament rules must be agreed upon by both teams and the tournament GURU.
21. Restarts are at the discretion of the GURU.
22. If continuous violations of any of the above rules occur we reserve the right to ban you from future events.
23. Good luck and have fun playing on!

If you notice something wrong or have any question regarding the tournament please page the GURU’s before your match begins.

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