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Ranked Spades is Here!

Download the SeeMePlayMe spades software to begin playing spades.

Your SeeMePlayMe Spades ranking reflects your ability to consistantly beat other ranked players. When you play another user with a ranking higher than you, you are expected to lose more than win. If you beat a player with a rank higher than your own, your rank improves. Likewise, if you lose to a player with a rank lower than yours, your rank will decrease.


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SeeMePlayMe Spades rankings is based largely on the official Chess Federation's ranking system. The difference is that Chess is played between only two players, where spades is based on anywhere from two to four players. We accomodate this difference by treating each match as a series of individual matches. The player with the most points at the end of the match wins the game. In a tie situation no points are awarded to the tying players.

One difference is that Chess is played between two people and Hearts can be played with up to four people. We handle this difference by breaking down each game into a series of matches. In each game there are winners and losers. Winning and losing is determined by the number of points scored. Each player is treated as if they are in an individual match against all the other players in the game. The player with the least points at the end of the game wins the match.

Here's an example:

Consider a non-team game with four players See, Me, Play and Me2. In this game See gets the most points, followed by Me, then Play, then Me2. We treat the game as if there were six individual matches:

See vs. Me
See vs. Play
See vs. Me2
Me vs. Play
Me vs. Me2
Play vs. Me2


New players receive an initial rating of 1400. This rating changes based on the following formula:

Rating = Prior Rating + Points + Handicap
Points = +16 for a win, -16 for a loss, and +0 for a draw

Handicap is determined by the difference between your prior rating and your opponent's. The value of your handicap is positive if you are the lower rated player. Your handicap is negative if you are the higher rated player. For example, in a game where the player GoodMove, beats quidgy:

For example, in a team game where Queen and Knave beat Aceman and The King:

Prior Rating
New Rating
Queen 1500 + 32 + 9 1541
Knave 1650 + 32 - 4 1678
Aceman 1522 - 32 + 5 1495
The King 1700 - 32 - 10 1658

Ratings difference Chess Federation Handicap

0 11
34 55
78 100
126 150
177 205
239 272
315 365
446 470
715 ?


In addition to being rated, players are also ranked. A player's rank appears as an icon next to the player's name. Ranks are as follows:

Ace 2300 ?
King 2100 2299
Queen 1900 2099
Jack 1700 1899
Spade 1500 1699
Heart 1300 1499
Diamond 1100 1299
Club 900 1099
Joker 0 899

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