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Kendama is sweeping the country. Kids all over the united states are playing this new japanses game called Kendama. The game is played by making the ball land on the cups, or making the handle land on the ball. If you are looking to buy a kendama you can buy one from Buy Kendama.

Kendama is a wonderful game that will teach your kids hand eye coordination. The Kendama stick is very light weight and is a really good tool for kids to learn discipline and concentration.

Kendama is nothing new it has been around for years in Japan. The recent kendama craze has given rise to an all new group of USA players looking to show the Japanese how it is done. The united states is known for these types of fads and the Kendama is sure to work its way to your home very soon.

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If you are thinking about getting a Kendama for your child or teenager buy-kendama is the best place to buy one. They have very fast shipping and they are the only store to sell the Kendama faces. They are the hottest selling kendama on the market.

There are also reports of Kendama parties and meetings at parks where kids show of their new tricks. For those of you who do not know there are a huge list of tricks that you can do with a Kendama. Some are done by holding the ball and some are done by holding the kendama stick. There are thousands of youtube videos to home in your skills. Good luck and have fun with your kendama.

To play with a kendama, one grips the toy and using one hand only, jerks the ball so that it may be caught in one of the cups or impaled on the spike. More advanced tricks are sequential balances, juggles, and catches.[2] There are eleven prescribed moves on the kendama trick list for achieving a kyu ranking and several more for a dan ranking. A 1-kyu rating, for example, is attained by simply catching the ball in the largest cup. A book published by the Japan Kendama Association lists 101 different tricks for the toy and there are supposedly tens of thousands of trick variations.[3] Different stances and grips are required to perform different tricks. While most people play with kendamas for personal satisfaction, competitions do take place, especially in Japan. Participation in such competitions entails performing lists of tricks in sequence or completing particular tricks repeatedly for as long as possible. Additionally, tricks may be performed head to head with a rival to determine a winner. The competitor who is first to fail a trick loses.
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