SeeMePlayMe Game Catalysts

Game Catalysts are dedicated Battlefield 2 and AA players that volunteer for us to help our customers succeed. They help other gamers by joining games on short notice to help spark interest in a particular server.

Games such as Battlefield 2 Ranked now require a certain number of players to get a game started. SeeMePlayMe realizes that this can be a very difficult task for new clans purchasing game servers.

We have assembled a group of our dedicated gamers and offered them large discounts on game servers to help our new customers.

If you rent a game server through SeeMePlayMe simply email support@SeeMePlayMe.Com with the following information:

1. Your real name
2. Your SeeMePlayMe account name
3. Your server IP and Port.

We will assemble our Game Catalysts and have them join your server as fast as we can.

Please be realistic about this service. Our Game Catalysts do not guarantee your server will stay full. Nor do they promise to join your server every day. They will do the best they can to make your server popular.

Does your clan want to be a Game Catalyst?
Just email us at and tell us why we should choose you. You might be in for a huge discount on a game server of your choice.