SeeMePlayMe dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers allow the freedom to run as many games and game types as you choose. You can confgiure your own settings, upload your own mods, maps and even host a website or ftp. With a dedicated server from SeeMePlayMe you have the power to control everything.

STANDARD Server PRO Server
Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz Dual Core Dual CPU Intel 2.0 ghz Woodcrest
New intel Technology!
1 Gig Ram 2 Gig Ram
10 mbps connection 100 mbps connection
1500 GB/month transfer 2000 GB/month transfer
1 hour of sever support 1 hour of server support
2 IP Addresses 6 IP Addresses
Full Admin Access Full Admin Access
Free Reboots Free Reboots
24 Hour Setup 24 Hour Setup
$149 per Month
$299 per Month
No Contracts! No Contracts!



Dedicated servers are for those who know how to install and configure a server without assistance. They are sold as is and no assistance is given on how to install or run games on them. If you want to rent a game server please visit our game servers page.

To get more information about a custom server please contact us at: for more details. We can custom build servers according to any specs you need.

Dedicated servers are located in Dallas, Virginia, and Seattle locations only.

Data Center Info:

Fully redundant core network and backbone connectivity is unsurpassed in its efficiency and performance. With seven separate sites, located in five different states on both coasts and in the central US, our network offers extremely low latency, no packet loss, and direct connectivity to all major global tier 1 backbones. This design ensures a superior network infrastructure with an unmatched quality of service.

DCA2 advanced Network Operations Centre (NOC) in McLean, Virginia is an essential part of our core network. The DCA2 NOC is equipped with heavy-duty UPS (uninterrupted power), diesel generator, and AC systems and staffed by highly experienced Systems & Network Administrators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The West Coast (SEA2) Network Operations Centre in Tukwila, WA is staffed by highly experienced Systems & Network Admins 24x7x365, and features 3 parallel UPS systems, a 1.5MW diesel generator, and 100s of tons of AC capacity. 100% network uptime. No packet loss from us to our Tier 1 backbone bandwidth providers. Below 3 ms latency from us to our Tier 1 backbone bandwidth providers. We guarantee it.