America's Army 3

Americas Army 3 Deploy Client
Full release 3.3 (public TX)
Patch release to 3.3 (public TX)

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Americas Army 3 includes both training and multiplayer achievements in version 3.0. We will of course be adding new achievements as we go forward as well (likely to match the new content & roles released). The different types of achievements you can earn in AA3 are as follows:

These are multiplayer only achievements awarded on a round by round basis. They can be earned multiple times and we track how many times they are earned. These are awarded for actions such as completing a certain number of objectives, certain number of teammates treated as CLS, etc.

Ribbons are achievements that fall between coins and metals. They are generally either commitment or single event achievements. These are awarded for actions such as so many hours of combat experience, winning on all maps, veteran AA2 service, etc.

These are special awards the player earns once. Medals are earned for special actions and exceptional duty, such as excellence in training, or combat experience in all roles available, etc.

Once earned, the achievements are noted and updated on your Soldier profile. We'll likely release the whole list of achievements (and the art for them) as we get closer to release.