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Crysis Ranked Servers

SeeMePlayMe is now a ranked server provider for Crysis. We have a reputation of offering nothing but the best gaming servers available.

All Crysis Ranked customers can take advantage of our all new
Game Catalysts services. If you are not sure what this is please click here. This service places SeeMePlayMe well above the rest.

All Crysis servers will be hosted on Dual CPU Dual Core AMD and Intel servers. We use nothing but the latest and best techology to host our customers.

Pre-order sale now going on, click here

Game Servers

Set in 2019 after a colossal asteroid crashes to Earth, Crysis begins amidst a tense military standoff between the North Korean and United States governments for control of the impact zone. Amid rising tensions, the asteroid suddenly bursts open revealing a massive alien ship, which begins freezing vast portions of the island and altering the global weather system. The invasion of Earth has begun. Crysis features an epic three-act story of alien invasion where players are able to customize their armor and weapons in real time to confront an ever-changing enemy and a harsh, dynamic environment.

Our Crysis servers will be hosted on Dual Core Dual CPU machines by both AMD and Intel. We use nothing but the best configurations and settings to optimize the machines to best performance. Our Battlefield 2142 servers fill quickly and in most cases stay that way.
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